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Roebling Garden Club Welcome ImageThe Village of Roebling is located in Burlington County, New Jersey, on the Delaware River between the cities of Trenton and Burlington.  In 1904, the John A. Roebling's Sons Company purchased land here to build a steel mill, Charles G. Roebling also began to build the Village that soon became one of the first company towns in the United States.  His new community consisted of 750 brick homes, a general store, and a public school.  The mill produced many products including the wire rope for San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.  Today, the mill stands quiet, as it has been inactive for years but the village of Roebling is an active community along the new Southern New Jersey Light Rail Line. Today, the Mill site is being rehabilitated by the EPA and many of the buildings have been demolished.  They are in the last phases of the clean-up that is needed to make the site desirable for new projects and businesses.  The one gem that remains is the Main Gate Building.  It has been transformed into a Museum focusing on the Roebling Family, the John A. Roebling's Sons Company, and the Village of Roebling.  One of our goals of the Roebling Garden Club is to continue to do projects to enhance and beautify the Village of Roebling.

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Dedication of Charles G. Roebling Statue was held on Sunday, September 14, 2008, at 1 PM at the Roebling Circle (Fifth Avenue and Main Street) in Roebling, NJ.

The legacy of the Roebling name is the Village of Roebling, New Jersey.  To honor our Village’s founder on the 100th Anniversary, a life-size bronze sculpture of  Charles G. Roebling was commissioned by the contemporary sculptor, Morris Docktor.  This massive fundraising effort was spearheaded by the Friend of Roebling who wrote two highly successful Images of America publications: Roebling and Roebling Revisited This group is in association with the Roebling Garden Club.

The sculpture was created by Morris Docktor, the artist who painted the beautiful murals at Fourth Avenue and Main Street.   A twelve-inch model and photo portfolio had been created as a start to this project.   The Florence Township Council has passed a resolution allowing the placement of the statue at the Roebling Circle facing the mill.  We have chosen this endeavor because of our pride in the Village and the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company and what that company provided for us and the rest of the world.


July 2010 Picture of the Charles G. Roebling Statue

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